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Non-dilutive funding: Event gives an overview of funding sources

Innovation is the key to success for SMEs and start-ups. But they need money for this. One way to develop and maintain innovative business areas and secure access to the market is through what is called non-dilutive funding. This type of financing is ideal for supporting new ideas and strategies without having to give up shares in your own company. National and European funding sources are available to finance additional capacity as well as cooperation with universities. Joint activities with partners from different business areas and other countries also represent important steps in a company’s development.


There are many funding possibilities and options. For example, the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the innovation promotion agency of the Swiss confederation, awards CHF 130 million each year to finance collaborations between companies and universities.


The European promotion tool Eurostars is particularly suitable for SME partnerships. The cash contributions go directly toward the companies, and its recognition rate is over 30 per cent.


Switzerland is once again able to fully participate in the EU research framework programme Horizon 2020, which offers numerous opportunities for SMEs. Companies can have their R&D activities financed directly, and the SME tool is of particular interest. (Swiss SMEs regain access to EU funding) is now offering an accelerator programme for life sciences start-ups called BaseLaunch. Young entrepreneurs and founders can apply for CHF 250,000 in financing. Three start-ups will be able to compete in 2017.


The Interreg programme may be appropriate for trinational (Germany-France-Switzerland) ideas. and partners are organising the event “Innovation Financing – Non-Dilutive Funding for Start-ups and Companies” on 17 March 2017 in Liestal. The event is aimed at entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators. Experts will provide information on various financing options, such as Horizon 2020, Eurostars, the accelerator programme BaseLaunch, CTI and Interreg. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present on their own personal experiences. The organising partners include Eureresearch Basel, CTI, the Chamber of Commerce of both Basel cantons, as well as Economic Development Baselland.


Anyone familiar with the various funding options can significantly strengthen their own R&D without additional costs. Register for the event on 17 May and see what the experts have to say.

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