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Cellestia Biotech Scientist taking sample from Petri dish

With its acquisition of Aptuit, the biotechnology company Evotec intends to strengthen its position as a leading provider of drug research and development services. Aptuit, a US company, has offices in Basel.

The German company Evotec, which is one of the biggest clinical research organisations, is acquiring Aptuit for USD 300 million, announced a statement. The acquisition will strengthen its position as a “leading global player in the external innovation marketplace”.

From its offices in Basel, Verona and Oxford, Aptuit offers “synergistic scientific expertise across drug discovery, pre-clinical testing and both drug substance and drug product manufacturing” to biopharmaceutical companies.

“Bringing together two major players in the drug discovery industry is a big step forward for Evotec to expand our unique focus in external innovation for Pharma, biotech and foundations. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the employees of Aptuit within the Evotec Group after closing of the transaction,” commented CEO Werner Lanthaler in the statement.

Aptuit has a state-of-the-art research and development facility in Basel, where it supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies in progressing drugs to clinical testing. With its 750 employees, the company completed 1,000 projects for 400 customers last year, explained Evotec.

Thanks to the acquisition, the Hamburg-based company is expanding its value chain to include new clinical candidates. It will also benefit from an increase in capacity and expertise thanks to “Aptuit’s exceptional team of scientists and managers”.


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