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Basel is among the European biotech hubs with the most exciting companies as named by The industry platform highlighted businesses including Actelion, CRISPR Therapeutics and Polyphor.

The industry platform has named the European biotech hubs with the “most exciting biotech companies” based on feedback from CEOs regarding the pros and cons of their regions.

Switzerland features on the list thanks to Basel, which has “become a hotspot for biotech and pharma”, according to the platform. The report highlights as an example Actelion – “one of the largest companies in the history of European biotech”, acquired last year by US corporation Johnson & Johnson (a BaseLaunch Healthcare Partner) for just under 30 billion dollars.

The Actelion spin-off Idorsia and CRISPR Therapeutics also get a mention. CRISPR Therapeutics has developed a therapy that can edit DNA in patients with genetic disease. The procedure can be conducted on genes inside the body, but genes can also be removed, edited and transfused back into the patient.

Innovation in and around Basel

There is also a lot of innovation in and around Basel concerning antibiotics, with companies like BasileaAllecraSanthera Pharmaceuticals and Polyphor based in the region. The latter company launched on the SIX Swiss exchange last week.

“The neighborhood with pharma giants Novartis and Roche and showcase biotech companies, such as Actelion and Idorsia, and an increasing number of small and mid-size biotech and pharma companies makes the area a vibrant hotbed for success stories,” commented Thomas Meier, CEO of Santhera Pharmaceuticals, in the report. He particularly praised opportunities for networking between emerging and established companies.


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