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Novartis receives U.S
Basel-based pharmaceutical company Novartis (is one of our healthcare partners) has received approval in the USA for its Aimovig migraine medication, developed with its partner, Amgen. It is a new therapeutic approach and able to significantly reduce the number of monthly migraine days.

The FDA grants approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval to Aimovig. According to information provided by Novartis, this medication is based on a new therapeutic approach. Aimovig has been developed to prevent migraines and reduce the number of migraine days per month as a result. This treatment blocks a particular receptor that plays an important role in migraines. The efficacy of the medication developed by Novartis and the Californian biotech company Amgen has been proven in clinical trials. Aimovig reduced the number of monthly migraine days in many patients by 50 per cent.

Especially relevant, Aimovig is expected to be available to patients in the USA within one week, Novartis revealed in the press release. Approval in the EU is under review, but Novartis expects this to be granted in the coming months.

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