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Our partner KPMG’s latest report on R&D 2030 sheds light on the expected evolution in the R&D ecosystem. It highlights how the ecosystem is due to experience disruption, how funding might look in the future and lastly outlines out possible R&D operating model archetypes and how to become a front-runner by 2030.

Unprecedented disruption of the R&D ecosystem

Predominantly caused by three major drivers:

  1. The pressure to make R&D much less risky
  2. Shift towards personalized solutions
  3. The avalanche of scientific and technological innovations

Emerging funding models

By 2030, KPMG anticipate R&D funding will be facilitated through:

  • Cost and resource sharing practices among multiple healthcare stakeholders to lower R&D costs.
  • Equity partnerships between clinical research organizations and industry players to ease the R&D financial burden and drive innovation and cost effectiveness.
  • Crowdfunding, which could accelerate drug development and distribute financial risk.

Outlook of the 2030 R&D Landscape

In order to raise efficiency and productivity, more and more R&D is likely to move outside the organization, and by 2030, KPMG expect three major R&D company archetypes to emerge:

  1. Technology players: playing a pivotal role in the R&D value chain
  2. Tech-enabled clinical research organizations: escaping from commoditization
  3. Project-focused players: managing the R&D value chain end-to-end

Become an R&D front-runner by 2030

In order to create an R&D capability that is innovative and sustainable, life sciences companies should:

  • Broaden their R&D scope: By rethinking their remit, R&D teams can become fully patient/consumer-centric rather than product-centric, expanding scope across prevention, interception, treatment and real cure.
  • Develop toolkits and digital culture for success: This involves crafting scientific and digital technology roadmaps, through in-house workforce planning or new resourcing, enabling flexible R&D teams.
  • Variabilize strategically: Establish a clear position in the R&D value chain and develop matching capabilities, sharing risks and benefits with technology players, clinical research organizations and the public.


Download the full report here and visit the KPMG website to register for the upcoming exclusive webinar on R&D 2030 (February 22, 2019 at 10am) and to read the blog article about R&D 2030 by Martin Rohrbach.

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