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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest biotech success stories. It’s the first biotech in history with 6 marketed drugs, all originated from its own labs or based on its own foundational technologies. It is also the third best performing biotech stock in the S&P 500 over the past decade.

Gorge Yancopoulos helped build and has been leading the company, together with its CEO Leonard Schleifer, since its foundation in late 1980s.

In this conversation with Luke Timmermann, Yancopoulos shares his strong opinions on:

  • The kind of science based culture he wanted to create in Regeneron
  • Anything worthwhile in science has to be built from scratch, and therefore commercial success takes time to appear
  • How to keep an edge despite the overwhelming pressure from competitors
  • His vision for Regeneron: a sustainable company capable of repeatedly producing important new medicines from discovery research, and across all disease areas
  • How having a biotech company led by scientists helps attracting the best scientific leaders in the industry
  • Optimizing innovation and productivity in R&D in order to accelerate the bringing of important new drugs into the market


Listen to the full podcast here.

Text by Leonildo

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