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15 companies chosen for Phase 1

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The selection committee has chosen 15 promising projects for Phase I. The projects all focus on developing innovative technologies to dramatically change patient outcomes in a variety of therapeutic areas. All of our project teams are eager to make a significant impact on improving people’s lives.

The aim is now, together with BaseLaunch, Pharma partners, as well as a deep network of experts, further, assess each project and help to clearly articulate the near/mid-term milestones (preclinical, regulatory, commercial, and much more) required to further de-risk the science and build the companies.

The companies are as follows in alphabetical order:


Alibion logo

Alibion Alibion is a pre-clinical stage drug-development company developing the first personalized therapy against Rheumatoid arthritis

Biotech in stealthmode Company in stealth mode developing an antibody-based tumor therapy against a first-in-class target in the tumor microenvironment.

Biotech in stealthmode Company in stealth mode developing novel inhibitors of the inflammasome.

Biotech in stealthmode Platform for finding new targets and developing novel drugs for solid cancers.

CMET Pharmaceuticals CMET Pharmaceuticals aims to develop novel therapies for the treatment of metastatic cancers, tailored to target circulating tumor cell clusters.

FoRx Therapeutics

FoRx FoRx Therapeutics is developing therapeutics that exploit the presence of DNA replication STRESS in human cancers.

GEBAMO GEBAMO is bringing CRISPR-Cas12a technology forward.

ImmProfile ImmProfile is advancing innovative discoveries and solutions in immune-oncology.

Innervation Pharmaceuticals Innervation Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical phase biotech. Its patented, solid-phase transfection platform is used for genome-wide screening services and the discovery of genes that boost neuronal regrowth after spinal cord injury.

INSIDER Therapeutics INSIDER Therapeutics is a preclinical stage spin-off project from University of Zurich. It is developing first-in-class small molecule anticancer therapeutics that modulate the epitranscriptomic code.

ISARNA ISARNA is a clinical stage Biotech Company, addressing high unmet medical need in Ophthalmology and beyond by developing innovative, targeted, first in class antisense blockbuster therapies for major blinding diseases.

Pharma Biome logo

PharmaBiome PharmaBiome pioneers bacterial mixes as microbiome therapeutics in IBD and oncology based on our mixed-culture technology.

SunRegen SunRegen develops neuroprotective drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

Synoesis Synoesis is developing a first-in-class therapeutic to stop Parkinson’s disease.

Tolermo Therapeutics logo

TOLREMO TOLREMO is a cancer drug resistance company. Our resistance-preventing small molecules boost the long-term efficacy of existing cancer drugs to prolong patient survival.

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