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ImmunOs Therapeutics AG is a Swiss biotechnology company and leading developer of a next generation innate immunity focused immunotherapy platform for cancer. They have recently announced a Series A financing of CHF 15 million, which was co-led by Pfizer Ventures and BioMedPartners. They plan to use the financing to not only complete the first-in-humans trials, but also to broaden the company’s novel immunotherapy iosH platform with additional preclinical programs that will focus on cancer and auto-immunity.

“It is with great pleasure to see that our early research based on HLA open conformer modulation of immune cells is advancing toward a clinical drug candidate for human studies. Targeting the innate immune system to modulate the tumor microenvironment has been a key strategy for ImmunOs, and together with foundational approaches targeting the adaptive immune system such as PD-1 antibodies, we aim to produce a strong therapeutic benefit in difficult-to-treat cancer indications.” CSO and co-founder Dr. Osiris Marroquin Belaunzaran said.

Along with the financing, the Board of Directors has been expanded with the addition of Dr. Markus Hosang of BioMedPartners; Dr. Michael Baran of Pfizer Inc.; Dr. Reinhard Ambros, former head Novartis Venture Fund; and Dr. Daniel Vasella, former Chairman and CEO Novartis.

For the full press release, click here.

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