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T3 Pharma Video clip

T3 Pharma, a spin-off of the University of Basel and one of our portfolio, has raised over $12 million from Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund and Reference Capital, with the existing investors joining as well. To progress into the clinical phase, T3 appoints Claire Barton as Chief Medical Officer, strengthens its development team and announces the clinical advisory board.

T3 pharma works on immuno-oncological treatment methods to combat tumors. The company is developing a proprietary protein delivery technology based on live bacteria expressing the «type 3 secretion system». T3 has engineered the bacteria to grow selectively within solid tumors where they produce and deliver therapeutic proteins. T3’s lead product, called T3P-Y058-739, is expected to enter clinical testing in the middle of 2020.

Here you can find the full press release published by T3 pharma.

You can also check out the video with T3 Pharma’s Simon Ittig on why they applied to the BaseLaunch Accelerator

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