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Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to empowering scientists in the relentless pursuit of making better medicines for all.

Alloy Therapeutics

“We are excited to partner with the BaseLaunch team and support their continued success developing a vibrant hub for biotechnology innovation in the Basel Area,” said Errik Anderson, chief executive and founder of Alloy Therapeutics. “At Alloy, we are singularly focused on supporting scientists developing new medicines for patients by democratizing access to foundational drug discovery platforms and services. BaseLaunch’s offering of company building capabilities is a perfect complement to Alloy’s long term collaborative vision.”

Alloy Therapeutics joins BaseLaunch’s endeavor to fuel the next generation of exceptional biotechnology companies. Alloy Therapeutics, founded in 2018 to empower scientists in the relentless pursuit of making better medicines for all, will provide BaseLaunch portfolio companies access to Alloy’s broad suite of antibody discovery platforms and services, including the ATX-Gx™ mouse platform, a suite of transgenic mice designed for best-in-class in vivo discovery of fully human monoclonal antibodies.

The ATX-Gx™ mouse platform is the fastest growing in vivo human antibody discovery platform, used by over 60 discovery teams ranging from Fortune 50 biopharma to academic research labs. ATX-Gx™ is a suite of highly immunocompetent transgenic mice strains that together offer (i) full human heavy chain repertoire, (ii) human kappa and human lambda chain repertoire, (iii) haplotype diversity, and (iv) limited immunodominance. With royalty free access, a simple licensing process (ability to start working with ATX-Gx™ in as little as two weeks), permission to design KO and bespoke genetic modifications, and expanding access to new platform innovation, ATX-Gx™ is available to scientists worldwide at groundbreaking business terms.

“Partnering with Alloy will provide our portfolio companies direct access to best-in-class antibody discovery platforms and services,” said Stephan Emmerth, Director of Business Development & Operations BaseLaunch. “We see an amazing alignment in vision with Alloy Therapeutics in our collective goal to support innovation and generate medicine for patients in need.”

Alloy’s partners include academic scientists, small and medium biotech, and Fortune 50 biopharma.  Alloy Therapeutics is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with European labs in Cambridge, UK.

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