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As we wrap up an interesting year, we wanted to leave you with good tidings and hopes for fresh new beginnings in 2021. In doing so, we have a look at 2020, with the year in review.

Looking back at 2020: We only turned 4 this year, and have had a great journey so far, but we still have so much more to accomplish! With 2021 in the horizon, we look forward to achieving great things together with our partners, portfolio companies and the broader network. But for now, we pause to smell the roses and share our view of the past year.

The range of activities in 2020 was vast and wide, including important upgrades to our aesthetics – rolling out of new branding and fully renovated website. But that is not all! BaseLaunch itself has changed in a way that allows for a bigger commitment to the ecosystem, startups and biotech founders. More than ever, we aim at helping to build the next wave of biopharma ventures right here in the Basel Area – the now “awakened” biopharma cluster in the center of Europe. We are fortunate to have grown by attracting a new group of leading industry players as backers, but also by renewing key existing partnerships. Thanks to their support, we could double down on the financing and know-how available for our portfolio companies. We have seen a vast and high-quality deal-flow this year, and we look forward to unveiling the first ventures!

Our current portfolio companies also had many successes to share this year. One number says it all: over USD 200M (with quite some of it this year) in venture financing raised since supporting the first companies in 2018! But the final goal is to treat patients. Fortuitously, the first clinical trials from our portfolio companies start soon.

More good things will follow next year, so stay tuned for future announcements. We are thankful for all the attention we received from the biopharma ecosystem in Switzerland, Europe and across the globe, which is reflected in appearing in new rankings, new media outlets and doubling our social media followers.

With this we also wish to continue the wonderful journey in 2021. Cheers!

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