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The new Swiss Biotech report has been published and we like what we see!

swiss biotech report 2021

Overall, investment in Swiss biotech companies almost tripled on the previous year’s figure. It amounted to 3.44 billion Swiss francs. Investment in research and development alone rose by 10 percent to 2.2 billion francs.

In the report, there are many notable figures. We also enjoyed seeing the interview with CSL Behring, one of our partners and looking at our portfolio companies that were featured in the highlights. These include financing rounds for Polyneuron, Tolermo, Versameb, T3 Pharma, Synendos, along with collaborations and product development entries on the list.

The figures are astonishing, and it is great to see all the stats that go to show why this is the leading biotech hotspot! Check it out for yourself in the full report here.

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