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The Basel-based biotechnology company Alentis Therapeutics has secured $67 Million dollars in a series B funding round. The funds will be deployed to develop its pipeline of drugs treating advanced liver and kidney fibrosis.

Thomas Baumert Alentis
Thomas Baumert, Founder and Executive BoD

Looking back, what a journey! We remember well when we first started working with Thomas Baumert in late 2017. Built on many years of transformational research we were very much impressed by the underlying quality of science and biology. But also by the will of Thomas to make this happen! It was great to work alongside him and help to build out this company from scratch, seeing the team assemble and the company starting to take a life on its own. Culminating initially in their series A and now the series B.  Watching the company build on its initial focus on liver fibrosis to now also kidney fibrosis and perhaps even wider has been a pleasure.

A big congratulations to Thomas, Roberto, and the whole Alentis team for their incredible journey, which positions them now to do, what they started the company for helping patients suffering from fibrotic diseases. With a new, directly anti-fibrotic mechanism of action that stands apart from the many “metabolic” approaches in the space.

Read their press release on their recent $67 Million dollars in a Series B funding round here.

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