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Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. The company provides affordable and non-exclusive access to a portfolio of foundational tools and services for the drug discovery community, starting with ATX-Gx, it’s lead offering and the world’s first royalty-free humanized mouse discovery platform. Alloy’s service capabilities comprise fully integrated discovery of a diverse panel of human therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, antibody optimization, and protein engineering to final drug candidate and bispecific discovery and optimization of one or both arms of novel bispecific antibodies in your protein format of choice.

Currently, Alloy supports the antibody discovery work of more than 90 partners across academia, biotech, and top biopharma, and is expanding to enable development in adjacent biologic modalities. Alloy believes the drug development industry should be focused on getting the best drugs to patients as quickly as possible rather than gaining a competitive advantage by limiting access to foundational tools and capabilities. To better democratize these capabilities for all, Alloy offers simple terms to access platforms such as the ATX-Gx, discovery services to help teams harness these technologies, and the ability to launch new companies in partnership with leading biomedical entrepreneurs and target-rich companies.

This profile details Alloy’s offering and ecosystem model, which grows exponentially in value to all with each new participant that joins.

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