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Stromal Therapeutics joins BaseLaunch Portfolio

We are excited to welcome Stromal Therapeutics as our newest portfolio company!

Basel, Switzerland., 28 January 2022 — Stromal Therapeutics is emerging from one of the pioneering groups in stromal cell immunobiology. the group is led by Professor Burkhard Ludewig, director of Medical Research Center, Cantonal Hospital St Gallen, and the head of the Translational Cardioimmunology group at the University Heart Center Zurich. Building on the group’s unique domain expertise, the company has deployed state-of-the-art single cell sequencing of human tissues to molecularly unravel the interplay of stromal tissue cytokines with the immune system. These cytokines are regulated at sites of inflammation, identifying a pipeline of locally acting druggable targets in chronic diseases.

Stromal Therapeutics’ first program tackles cardiac inflammatory diseases, where no specific therapies are available to address the burden of inflammatory heart diseases and potentially heart failure. The lead antibody, which is entering early preclinical development, demonstrates efficacy in preclinical models of inflammatory heart disease, cures inflammatory cardiomyopathy, and prevents cardiac fibrosis. Other targets and antibodies are addressing the unmet medical needs in cancers and autoimmune diseases.

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