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Cimeio Therapeutics raises a 50M USD series A financing from Versant Ventures

Cimeio therapeutics is a spin-off from the University of Basel. The scientific basis was born out of years of cutting-edge research by Professor Lukas Jeker–co-founder and SVP Gene Editing – and his group. The company develops a portfolio of Shielded-Cell & Immunotherapy Pairs. Its proprietary technology platform is based on the discovery of variants, which when inserted into cells allow them to preserve function while resisting paired immunotherapy depletion. This technology has significant therapeutic potential, which Cimeio is using to develop curative treatments for patients with genetic diseases, hematologic malignancies, and severe autoimmune disorders. 

Cimeio Therapeutics was initially supported by BaseLaunch and later built out of Ridgeline, the Versant Ventures Discovery Engine in Basel. 

“Without BaseLaunch Cimeio would not have been born”, said Lukas Professor Lukas Jeker 

We say thank you for the kind words and are proud to have helped you and the team on your path to developing novels treatments for patients with life threatening diseases. We were tremendously impressed by the resilience as well as crystal clear focus of Lukas to make this company happen and are looking forward to many more good news to come! 

Read more about their success story and visit the Cimeio homepage for further info.

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