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In particular, TCR-based therapeutics hold great promise to improve immunotherapies, as T cells are key players in adaptive immune response leading to curative effects in cancers. They are also critical in addressing the unmet medical needs by being able to target the 90% of proteins that are not expressed on cellular surfaces and therefore cannot be targeted by conventional monoclonal antibody-based medicine.

The underlying technologies necessary to sequence, discover, engineer, manufacture, and develop TCR-based therapeutics are only now coming into the mainstream—similar to the maturation of the antibody discovery field in the early 2000s. With the approval of Immunocore’s tebentafusp-tebn (KIMMTRAK®) earlier this year, along with many other T cell engagers and TCR mimics in the clinic, we are at the forefront of a wave of innovation harnessing the power of the human immune system to recognize and modulate novel drug targets.

Read the full article prepared by Alloy Therapeutics about how they are democratizing T Cell Therapy.

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