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Stephan Emmerth, Director Business Development & Operations BaseLaunch and Paul Eschmann, Head of International Markets and Business Affairs Basel Area Business & Innovation, describe the benefits that make Basel such an attractive location for oncology research. With Germany and France as neighbours, established big players like Roche and Novartis, technology parks and top academic institutions located in the area, Basel possesses a strong international foothold in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Furthermore, biotech startups are booming thanks to the support and funds dedicated to novel therapeutic approaches.
SOTIO, Engimmune Therapeutics and BeiGene are examples for success stories. Engimmune Therapeutics, for instance, was supported by BaseLaunch and successfully transitioned from academia to a business in its mission to discover groundbreaking TCR-based therapies.
As an innovative, future-oriented Swiss business hub, boasting an impressive annual growth of 9.3% from 2010 to 2020, Basel is the ideal spot for entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Read the full article over here to learn about the unique advantages Basel offers to biotech and pharma startups:

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