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Dr. Markus Kalousek takes on the role of Chairperson at FimmCyte, a pioneering women’s health biotech, starting from 1 Nov 2023. 

With over 25 years in biotech and pharma, including roles at Novartis, Dr. Kalousek brings expertise in business development, strategy, and drug development to FimmCyte.

FimmCyte aims to provide innovative non-hormonal treatments for endometriosis, a challenging condition for women. Dr. Kalousek’s appointment marks a step towards this goal.

Dr. Mohaned Shilaih, CEO of FimmCyte, said, “I am delighted to have Markus on the FimmCyte team in this pivotal role. With his vast experience in drug and business development, he will be a key driver of our company’s success and a trusted partner to deliver on FimmCyte’s vision. Markus has shown remarkable success in his career to advance novel treatment modalities in multiple capacities and we are excited about how he and our dedicated team will advance our innovative non-hormonal treatments for endometriosis to bring it to those in need.”

Dr. Markus Kalousek shared his enthusiasm, “I am honoured to take on the Chairperson role at Fimmcyte, because their radically new approach has great potential to become a truly disease modifying treatment for patients in the underserved field of women’s health. Many individuals with endometriosis have an exceptionally low quality of life and a significant proportion of them do not experience adequate relief even after surgery; they urgently require better treatments for this debilitating disease”.

With Dr. Markus Kalousek’s expertise, FimmCyte will advance its mission to enhance the quality of life for women facing endometriosis.


About FimmCyte

FimmCyte is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel treatments for women’s health and beyond. Through tailored biotechnological approaches, FimmCyte reprograms the immune system to modify the underlying target diseases. FimmCyte’s most advanced program is a non-hormonal disease modifying treatment for endometriosis, a disease affecting 1:10 women with significant unmet need. FimmCyte was founded in 2022 with offices in Basel, Switzerland, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Read more in FimmCyte’s official press release.

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