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Basel, Switzerland, 13 December, 2023 – Engimmune Therapeutics AG (“Engimmune”), a world-class developer of soluble T-cell receptor drugs (‘TCRs’) to treat solid tumours, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with the Swiss Technology Innovation Center CSEM to accelerate the identification of safe and effective drugs using Engimmune’s unique platform.

The collaboration will leverage CSEM’s high-throughput microfluidics technology to speed up the nomination of soluble TCR drug candidates with enhanced affinity, potency, and safety profiles.

Engimmune’s platform technologies – which comprise genome editing, deep sequencing, functional screening, and AI – provide a head start in the hunt for suitable soluble TCR candidates.

CSEM’s expertise in microtechnologies and droplet microfluidics will enable Engimmune to accelerate clinical candidate selection by performing safety screening at increased throughput and depth.

Watch an interview right here on their collaboration.

Read more in the official press release. 

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