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Application deadline

4 September 2024

What we look for

We are looking for breakthrough innovations that can form the basis of new biopharma ventures, from all over the world.

We are interested in projects at any stage, from pre-seed to seed, at the very beginning, or even before. Additionally, projects where the only person involved is the Post Doc or Professor – with a promising discovery but no one else to develop it – are perfectly acceptable for us. We have assembled the complete team in these scenarios.

Even if you believe your project is not yet mature enough to apply, we recommend that you get in touch with us. We may think differently and can help get your project off the ground. At the very least, we can help you get ready.

Already received seed funding or a small Series A? No worries, we may still be able to help you further your reach. If, however, you are on your Series B and already in the clinic, we are not the right organization for you. But of course, if we believe it makes sense, we can in that case directly link you to our partners for further discussions.

How to apply

Get in touch with us now by following the steps below:

1. Fill out the expression of interest, which helps us understand what your projects is about. We will review and get back quickly. In case of interest to us you will receive a

2. Full application form. Complete the form and upload all the relevant documents.

3. Sit down and relax. We will get in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps.

Please note: we only accept applications for therapeutic products or platform projects (but within this we are interested in all modalities and disease areas). Therapeutic service offers are only interesting to us if there is the intention to move, at least in part, to a product development approach. We do not accept applications for medtech, diagnostics or digital health.
We review projects continuously but the official deadlines are the earliest time points you may receive a final decision regarding your application status.

The next deadline is 4 September 2024.

We strongly encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible in order to get support with crafting their final submission package. In our experience, this early engagement can improve the chances of getting funded.