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We partner with scientists and entrepreneurs to launch and build exceptional biotech companies

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We have supported 24 ventures to date. Since supporting our first ventures in early 2018, nine of our portfolio companies have, in total, raised over $600 million in financing from European and US Venture funds. Additional companies raised seed financings, several collaborations have been initiated and one company has been sold.

BaseLaunch was initiated to help launch and grow the next generation of biotech companies. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with key players from the biotech sector, leading pharmaceutical companies, and venture funds. Our partners are Roche, Pureos Bioventures, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, CSL, Johnson & Johnson, Bridge Biotherapeutics, and China Medical System.

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Basel Area: A leading Life Sciences hub

The Basel Area is a biopharma hotspot. It is home to Roche and Novartis, two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as Actelion, now part of Johnson & Johnson, and formerly one of Europe’s most successful biotechs.

However, it is not just about big pharma. The Basel Area is a hotbed of innovation with numerous small to medium biotech companies, world class research institutions, marquee venture capitalists and several technology parks.

The tightly interwoven academic and biopharma environment feeds a tremendous flow of innovation in the Basel Area which is also reflected in several billions of venture capital investments that have been made in the last few years. This, together with the deep talent pool of the region, and the entrepreneur-friendly economic policies of Switzerland, makes the Basel Area the ideal breeding ground for new biopharma ventures.

BaseLaunch is deeply embedded within this ecosystem, while also being connected to the global biopharma community – and we utilize both networks for the benefit of the ventures we support.

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