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Our offering

Direct funding up to $500k, and much more

We help launch and build ventures to the point where they can complete a Series A financing or similar, and have supported 22 ventures to date. We believe our track record speaks for itself. Since supporting our first ventures in early 2018, nine of our portfolio companies have raised over $600 million in Series A or equivalent venture financing, one company is sold and several collaborations have been initiated. To achieve success for our ventures, we do whatever is needed. We can provide access to best-in-class scientific avenues– discussing topics as detailed as assay levels, animal models, etc. – with strategic breadth – defining key milestones to de-risk the science or sharpening overall positioning. We do this together with relevant consultants and experts and involve our partners, where they can add value. We typically also get involved in:

  • Building the team – bringing in drug development and commercial expertise, as needed, and establishing fair ways to compensate early team members
  • Providing support with IP licensing and incorporating the company
  • Providing introductions, globally, to venture funds and assisting in negotiations with these funds

Unlike incubators or accelerators, we do not have a specific program or courses we ask our ventures to follow – we appreciate that each project is different. We also do not require ventures to all work in the same building. If needed, we can give access to our fully equipped labs and offices, and we can also help find other infrastructures in the Basel Area. We ensure our ventures become deeply embedded in what is arguably Europe’s strongest biotech ecosystem.

Through all of this, ventures retain full entrepreneurial freedom to decide what they want to do, and how they want to do it. Importantly, ventures retain control over the extent to which our partners become involved.

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What we offer

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Up to $500,000
in financing

Access to our partners,
global biopharma & investors

Company & team
build out

Access to labs &
related infrastructure
where needed