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We have a broad portfolio covering a wide range of therapeutic areas, and across modalities, from small molecules to cell therapy. Many have already attracted investments from top-tier investors such as Pureos Bioventures, NEA, Syncona, Sofinnova, the Novartis Venture Fund, Biomedinvest, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, Kurma Partners, Sunstone Life Science Ventures, Ysios Capital, Morningside Venture Investments, Jeito Capital, Versant Ventures, Novo Holdings, RA Capital Management and others.

Financed: $185M raised

New target/core pathway for fibrosis. Treatment of late-stage fibrosis, related cancers. Initially liver.

Financed: $157.5M raised

Antibody platform re-focusing IL-2 to CTLs to fuel anti-cancer immunity.


First-in-class therapeutics to stop neurodegenerative diseases with a selective small molecule approach.


Exploiting novel structures of mTOR complexes to develop new classes of inhibitors for mTOR-related disorders

Financed: $50M raised 

Shielded cell therapies building on discovery of variants alleles allowing cells to preserve function while resisting immunotherapy depletion. 


Developing novel inflammasome inhibitors.

Financed: $16.7M raised

 Highly potent and specific therapies based on T cell receptor (TCR), targeting of solid tumors.


Antibody based, non-hormonal therapy for the treatment of endometriosis.

Seed / Incubating

Platform to create compartment locked biologics for higher local retention and fast systemic degradation


A novel class of immunosuppressive therapies for autoimmune inflammatory diseases and organ transplantation

Seed / Incubating

Antibody-based discovery platform against novel druggable secreted growth factors reprogramming diseased cells towards uncontrolled growth.


Gene logic circuits. In-vivo multifactorial identification and killing of cancer cells.

Seed / Incubating

Bacterial mixes as microbiome therapeutics in IBD and oncology based on mixed-culture technology.


Next generation biologics to rebalance the immune response in acute and chronic inflammation

Financed: $41.5M raised


Glycomimetic platform for removing auto-antibodies in autoimmune neuropathies.


Breaking efficacy ceilings in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.


Antibodies against novel stromal cell targets acting locally on the immune system to treat chronic immune-mediated diseases.

Financed: $25M raised

Novel targets that mediate endocannabinoid efficacy. Treatments for stress, anxiety etc.

Financed: $42M raised
Acquired by BI for $507M

Intracellular delivery of therapeutic payloads using bacteria, exploiting bacterial tumor targeting.

Financed: $39M raised

Cancer drug resistance platform to develop small molecules addressing non mutational mechanisms of therapy evasion.

Acquired by Repertoire Immune Medicines

Functional ID of (neo)antigens for cancer, immunological and infectious diseases.

Financed: $35M raised

mRNA platform for local regenerative medicine-based therapeutics.


New targets against mitochondrial dysfunction for fibrosis and metabolic diseases


Novel approach in microtubule biology for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases

Application cycle is now open!

The next deadline is 4 September 2024